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Legal Transaction Management
A Better Way to Run Your Transactions
Workshare Transact enables lawyers to create online workspaces based on the Conditions Precedent (CP) or documents checklist for their deal. This provides a single, central, structured repository for transaction files to be shared and organized throughout the course of the deal, whilst providing up-to- date status reporting and a host of other benefits.

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With Workshare Transact, convert your deal checklist into an online workspace and get an innovative way to run a perfect deal closing.

workshare transact

Hosting A Deal in Transact

If you are the host law firm (acting for buyer or lender) –

    You will set up a Transact workspace based on the documents checklist for your deal.
    As the deal progresses, you can simply log on to see the status of the deal, or any individual item. You can search for individual checklist items, or filter to see ,for example, all the “Outstanding” documents.
    You’ll invite opposing firms, clients and third parties to join the workspace, applying access restrictions as required.
    As the deal progresses, updating the checklist is easy as items progress from outstanding to satisfied.
    All participants track real-time status and use search and filters to quickly find checklist items and files. The checklist can also be sent in PDF or Word format to anyone choosing not to access Transact.
    Relevant files e.g. draft versions of agreements are uploaded to individual checklist items. The latest version is clearly marked. With a simple upload, every file is organized for everyone’s benefit for the duration of the deal.
    At the closing, lawyers can assign versions as execution versions and signature pages and schedules can be collected.
    Finally, the bible or closing binder can be created quickly and easily using Transact’s in-built editor tool.

Joining deals as an invited participant

If you are invited into a deal as a client or other third party –

    You will receive an email invitation to join the deal, which you can accept by quickly setting up a password for your Workshare account.
    As the deal progresses, you can simply log on to see the status of the deal, or any individual item. You can search for individual checklist items, or filter to see ,for example, all the “Outstanding” documents.
    You can track activity in the Timeline, and select to receive email notifications or digests letting you know when new versions and comments have been uploaded.
    If you need to upload files, they can be added easily in the drop-down area on each item in the checklist. You’ll easily be able to find and reference those for the duration of the deal.

workshare transact
workshare transact

Closing Out The Deal

Closing the deal –

    During the closing of the deal, execution versions, signature pages and schedules can be collected into position in the Transact checklist.
    Transact tracks signatures uploaded, giving a clear view of what’s outstanding to close.
    As checklist items are completed, they can be marked as “Satisfied” by the host firm until everything is in place.

Creating the closing binder –

    Post-closing, fully executed copies of documents can be created quickly in Transact’s built-in PDF editor.
    A bulk download of all final versions, together with a styled, branded, hyperlinked index provides everything you need to create a CD bible / closing binder for your client – there’s no reason not to deliver within 48 hours of closing.
    With everything wrapped up quickly, the lawyer is free to focus on the next deal.

Platform Infrastructure
and Security


Robust and secure

Workshare Transact sits in the Workshare Connect cloud platform that has provided secure file sharing and collaboration to law firms for 6 years. We operate to the highest security standards of data security and hold the ISO 27001 certification.


User control

We offer Single Sign On (SSO) integration, full platform admin and user control functionality with audit logs detailing activity of both internal and external users.


File storage locations

Files can be stored in a firm’s choice of cloud file storage locations worldwide, or on-premise with Workshare’s hybrid solution. Firms with global offices can elect to store files locally to each relevant team.


DMS integration

Workshare integrates with all the major Document Management Systems, including iManage, NetDocuments and OpenText so that files can be uploaded to (and downloaded from) Workshare quickly and easily.

Key Features


An interactive, dynamic checklist

for your deal that keeps everyone up-to-date and on the same page.


Superior organization for deal files

that moves everyone away from the inbox and removes version confusion.


Time-saving features

that reduce document admin, make everyone more efficient and get you the bible / closing binder within days, not months.


A streamlined overall deal experience

that enables the lawyers to focus on billable and strategic work for the client.


A transformation in client service delivery

as the pain of traditional deal management is removed.


Significant costs savings and increased productivity

as transactional work is kept on time and on budget.


Benefits repeated

across every organization involved in the deal.

Law firms that wish to commence transactions in Transact are required to have an annual enterprise license. This enables the firm to create as many live client workspaces as they wish, with unlimited internal and external users. There is no cost to external participants invited into Transact deals.
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workshare transact

Workshare Transact

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