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iManage transforms how professionals get work done by combining the power of artificial intelligence with market leading document and email management. iManage helps organizations work smarter by exposing AI capabilities in both products as well as features within the iManage product portfolio. Gain powerful information at your fingertips, get more out of your data and add value across the entire enterprise.

iManage RAVN

iManage RAVN is a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence platform that powers
a number of applications to automatically organize discover and summarize your documents.

Once you’ve found the documents you’ve been searching for you need to retrieve specific information from those documents and unstructured data. iManage RAVN allows you to take the next leap in information retrieval – Instead of manually having to si through all of the information, iManage RAVN can do it automatically. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically read, extract and summarize information held within documents, just like humans do but much faster and more accurately. It leaves you to focus on interpreting the output. iManage RAVN’s unique proprietary technology goes beyond simple keyword search. Instead the system uses machine learning algorithms that have been trained by experts in many law firms and corporations and continues to learn more as it is used.
iManage RAVN is either hosted or on-premise and allows you to handle more data, more complex tasks and larger cases in less time.

Leveraging the RAVN AI engine, iManage RAVN Insight utilizes machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to better understand search queries and provide relevant search results. iManage RAVN Insight’s robust connector framework and data transformation module (iManage Pipeline), enables you to easily setup and manage connections to disparate data sources without the need for expensive technical resource. A single search finds information across a wide-variety of systems including iManage Work, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, third-party websites, instant messages and social media.

    Finding the relevant information and culling out the irrelevant data
    Deviating from policies regarding data retention and data loss prevention
    Lack of time and resource to interpret mountains of documents
    Lost opportunities due to lack of relevant information

imanage ravn
imanage ravn
imanage ravn

Key Features


Competitive Advantage

Full text taxonomy-based and conceptual search capabilities, combine with extensive collaboration features to make it simple for the organization to find information or colleagues quickly that will help produce quality material in the shortest amount of time. Cutting down the time to find relevant information or expertise inside the organization has a direct impact on the profitability and competitiveness of the organization.


Risk Management & Compliance

Using iManage Insight you can ensure employees are using current information and are compliant with regulatory standards through the push of relevant content to the individual. This goes a long way to mitigating risk to the business.


Universal Search

A powerful search engine sits at the heart of iManage Insight and deploys connectors into a potentially unlimited set of data sources and feeds. iManage Insight enables you to build on and enhance the value of existing IT and of system investments with its unifying architecture, whilst retaining the native security models of each source system.


Automatic Promotion of Relevant Content

By leveraging the iManage RAVN platform, iManage Insight can learn from previous searches and become aware of your interests then automatically suggesting relevant content that may be of interest.
Content that has been scored, graded, linked or accessed frequently is also automatically promoted by the system in subsequent searches. Additionally, relevance is influenced based on user profile, so interest in a particular subject matter will promote relevant content to the relevant user if they wish.


Collaboration and Networking

iManage Insight provides an intuitive platform to promote networking and knowledge transfer within the Enterprise. iManage Insight’s collaboration space is pre-populated with familiar (and relevant) information from your knowledge base as the foundation, making for a natural adoption of the solution. From that starting position, the following capabilities support the development of a collaborative network:
    Expert Identification
    Discussion threads


Client Dashboard

iManage Insight also provides a client-centric view of your knowledge corpus, allowing you to quickly identify the status of matters and identify sta who have worked on them, relevant news feed updates as well as your commercial relationship with the client. This allows sta to stay current and informed about their client relationships.


Wake up the Monster of your Big Data, STG launches Konqis Taxonomy & Tagging Service (beta).

Konqis, a comprehensive classification system for English & Chinese language content, provides accurate, comprehensive, richly detailed metadata, designed specifically for use by Law Firms, Corporate Legal, Accounting Firms and other document savvy Financial Institutions.

Konqis Tagging service receives your English, Chinese or English Chinese mixed language content and automatically returns relevant metadata, using standardized terminology from the Konqis Document Taxonomy.

This smart service goes well beyond mere text extraction; it uses human-created semantic rules to understand your content and identify the most pertinent concepts and topics.

    Deliver targeted, relevant knowledge and precedents.
    Create engaging search and discovery experiences for users.
    Support contextual expertise advertising.

iManage RAVN Insight leverages the same iManage RAVN search index used by other iManage products including Work, Extract, Security Policy Manager and Records Manager. This shared integrated platform enhances search results consistency and respects content security policies. A robust API framework enables organization to extend existing search solutions, build new knowledge applications and connect to custom data sources. iManage Insight has been used to develop KM application for a wide variety of industries including Legal, Financial and Media Services.
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Document and
Email Management

Work More Productively: Transform how you work and collaborate with documents and emails.
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Work Safer: Govern and secure all critical work product.
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Artificial Intelligence

Work Smarter: AI makes content smarter.