Catch the Trend —— The SaaS era is Coming

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Catch the Trend —— The SaaS era is Coming

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Catch the Trend
—— The SaaS era is Coming

SaaS (Software-as-a-service) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is superior to traditional software license sales methods which has a rebuilt business model and a unique practice system.
The popularity of SaaS is due to its direct access without installation. Data won't be lost even if hardware failure or human error occurs. In addition, the SaaS platform can update based on the available data to meet the needs.

In terms of cost, SaaS is usually cheaper than software sold under other billing models, which is especially important for companies that strictly control costs due to the current economic downturn. When users are not sure which software should be used for a long time, or the demand for software is only short-term, SaaS has become the first choice.


Rapid Growth of Overseas SaaS Market

In the world of the Internet, China is actually at the forefront of the world. But in the field of SaaS, the consensus of ‘Software is Eating the World’ was reached in 2011, and China did not consider it until around 2016.
Taking the United States as an example, from 2008 to 2018, the average software spending of U.S. corporate customers continued to increase, reaching $ 343,000 in 2018 (about RMB 2 million). In the US market, the penetration rate of SaaS services is still being strengthened step by step. Both large and small enterprises have chosen SaaS and the proportion are increasing.


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China's SaaS Market Has Emerged

From 2017, the overall industry data and some benchmarking cases in the Chinese market revealed a new signal: the big companies are open to the SaaS platform.
The growth rate of China's SaaS market is eight times that of the traditional application software market. Goldman Sachs’ technology company — CIO’s survey also revealed that 7.6% of CIOs plan to increase spending on SaaS products, ranking second in new IT spending.
Some large traditional companies are also embracing SaaS. For example, the Jinjiang Group, which owns the Peace Hotel, Shanghai International Hotel, and Jinjiang Star, has the need to manage 3000+ hotels. After undergoing the purchase of heavy-duty software in 2010, it gradually adopted SaaS products in 2016.
Greenland Group, an important player in China's real estate industry, has been an industry leader for more than 20 years. They have also experienced the shift from SAP, Oracle and other heavy software to lightweight SaaS products.
The "ice cubes" of large Chinese companies that do not understand, trust, or pay for SaaS are gradually melting, and the next outlet—the era of SaaS platforms is quietly coming.



How can the Legal Industry Seize the era of SaaS?
Under the situation of "various industries adapts Clouds", law industry as a traditional industry is also suffering from the impact of technology. More and more people in this area are aware of the advent of the new technology. How to catch the opportunity at the beginning of the era, successfully transform, and obtain greater benefits is some key points of law firm management.
The flexibility and connectivity of the SaaS platform can help law firms develop more opportunities and build an "Internet-based" business model, which is conducive to adapting to changing market conditions.
Smart Team Global is a software consulting company focusing on the most advanced enterprise solutions globally. Its Matteroom SaaS is an enterprise software designed for lawyers and legal partners.
Matteroom SaaS provides greater flexibility, scalability, and focus on professional services. Existing customers will find the impact of moving to the Cloud is small, while new customers will find Matteroom features up and running in the Cloud is faster and cheaper than they think. In particular, Matteroom SaaS is the only law firm management system that adopts the Single-Tenant model in China. Based on Docker container, Matteroom saves a lot of system resources, perfectly implements the single-tenant mode and completely avoiding the high risk of multi-tenant SaaS which stores the back-end data in the same database.

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