【New Feature】Matteroom’s Office Add-On
can improve your working efficiency!

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【New Feature】Matteroom’s Office Add-On
can improve your working efficiency!

As the best operation solution for law firms, Matteroom keeps straight way on providing best experiences for customers and building the best LegalTech ecosystem.

Almost 90% of time of lawyers spent on Microsoft Office, Outlook and Word are two of the most popular applications among them. After we publicized the integration with Office 365 and OneDrive (Click to see the article) , we believe that our Office Add-On will bring more convenience and efficiency to lawyers’ work pattern.

We choose Top 4 Office applications this time for integration – Outlook、Excel、PowerPoint、Word and provide “No switching, No fuss, No trouble” 3N One-Stop service. No matter on Web or PC, you can directly use Matteroom’s features - Clocking、Timesheet、KPI from Outlook、Excel、PowerPoint and Word. Through this you can deal with general business and recording & assignment in the meantime and get a great improvement on your working efficiency.

"Three features" about Integration

  • Clocking:

Clocking can help users record the work time quickly, for example: the communicating time with clients. After integration with Outlook, users can use Clocking directly through right corner panel without leaving website.


  • Timesheet:

Timesheet can help users to combine every single Clocking, and calculate the time the lawyers spend on every case based on it.


  • KPI:

The cases are fragmentary, don't know how to analyze and summarize without data in a year? Don't worry, intelligent insight can help the management of the law firm grasp and visualize the data of case revenue, time spent and the work performance of each member of the team in real time. And provide reliable data support and strong strategic reference indicators for your business analysis and improvement.

What can you“obtain?”

  • Eliminate the inconvenience of frequent platform switching. Integrate multiple applications on one platform, and make your work more efficient and professional without laborious searching and switching.

  • Save more time when communicating with customers.

  • Clocking directly, convenient to ensure the business are ongoing. No need to worry about possible omissions because of the busy work.

  • Data summary and visualization, help work summary and revenue promotion.

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