A Thank-You Letter From Workshare

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A Thank-You Letter From Workshare 

You voted us as No.1 in ILTA annual survey

At Workshare we like to share the work, share the load and share the love, so this is just a little note to say thank you- to you!
The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA https://ww.iltanet.org) conducted their annual survey last year titled 'Crowdsourcing our Future'. This represented the voice of the experts, as the survey covered input from 481 firms representing more than 92,000 attorneys and 188,000 total users. That's enough of the statistics, all you really need to know is one number: You voted Workshare as Number One. 

So Thank You!
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Workshare is the leading provider of secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration applications. Workshare allows individuals to create, share, and manage high-value content from any device. Content owners are able to track and compare changes in documents from contributors simultaneously.Workshare reduces your exposure to business risks caused by unintended sharing of confidential and sensitive files.
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