Workshare and Litera Microsystems join forces
to create a better vision for document drafting products

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Workshare and Litera Microsystems join forces
to create a better vision for document drafting products
On July 9, 2019, Workshare announced a merger with Litera Microsystems. Over the past decade, Workshare and Litera Microsystems, the top global suppliers, have played an important role in the innovation of legal technology. Therefore, the combination of the two will simplify the document drafting process for professionals, bring simpler end-to-end solutions, and more Simple software updates, a more concise desktop, and the multiplier effect brought about by the combination of strong and strong will inevitably shine.
Workshare is a recognized innovator in productivity tools with more than 20 years of experience. Its core products are for document comparison, protection, and sharing. In addition, Workshare's new Transact platform is transforming the way transactions are managed by many of the top law firms.

Workshare's goal is to help lawyers, law firms, corporate legal affairs, and professionals focus on what really matters—the client. To this end, lawyers, law firms, corporate legal affairs, and professionals can obtain the best products in different categories from a single integrated supplier by integrating the document drafting technology required by the company. Workshare and Litera Microsystems have teamed up to move towards the goal of providing customers with top products in both areas.

Workshare will continue to provide support and services for all products

In May this year, Litera Microsystems entered into a partnership with Hg, which is a private equity investment company focused on software and services based in London, Munich and New York. Litera Microsystems is able to leverage Hg's global legal software market network and knowledge to drive integration with Workshare to add more products to the suite, benefiting existing and future customers.

Litera Microsystems is a global leader in the legal and life sciences industries. Its products can be used to draft, proofread, compare, repair, clean and protect documents. Litera Microsystems supports thousands of document-intensive organizations worldwide, helping them meet the complex requirements of customers and regulators. The successful integration of Litera, Microsystems, XRef and The Sackett Group over the past few years has brought great vision and propositions to the market and customers. Workshare will also be part of a changing industry, providing customers with broader technology and better services.

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