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It's Cloud Time!
Matteroom SaaS has the most secure law firm management system cloud-based for legal professionals.
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The Matteroom product team is built on listening and understanding how users want to get the job done, and fine-tuning the design architecture based on these unique requirements. Matteroom SaaS provides professional services with greater flexibility, scalability, and focus. Existing customers will find a little impact of migrating to the cloud, while new customers will find Matteroom features up and running in the cloud faster and cheaper than they think. In particular, Matteroom SaaS is deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud and provides customers with the industry's premier secure and reliable solution in a Single-Tenant mode.


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Matteroom SaaS is the first and only domestic law firm management system that adopts the Single-Tenant model. Matteroom based on Docker container, while saving a lot of system resources, perfectly implements the single-tenant mode, completely avoiding the high risk of SaaS back-end data in the multi-tenant mode being stored in the same database.

Advantages of the Single-Tenant Model

  • Unobtrusive security: Each customer's data is completely separate from any other customer, so the probability of one customer accidentally accessing other customers' data is zero.
  • Backup and restore with a snap: It is very easy to backup and restore customer databases in a single tenant system, because each client database has its own independent backup.
  • Strong and reliable: The performance of one customer's system is not affected by the operations of other customers. If one customer's software instance fails-for example, when they are performing some particularly difficult integrations, or if the software has errors that cause it to fail-it will not affect other customers' sites.
  • Easy migration from SaaS to on-premises: Customers with single tenants want to migrate from a SaaS environment to an on-premises self-hosted environment, which is not as complicated and costly as the multi-tenant model.
  • Flexibility: Single tenants allow customers to have a wide range of customization options, as databases and software instances are unique to each customer. With a single tenant, customers can access the underlying code for modification and customization as needed.
  • Full control over upgrade autonomy: In a single-tenant system, each customer must upgrade individually. This allows customers to control the timing and method of the upgrade.
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Matteroom is a tailor-made law firm management solution for lawyers and legal professionals. All the information is centered on the case, including profitable search, case management, project management, expense management, including timing management and expenses, KPI, etc. Matteroom connects to industry-leading systems including iManage, Workshare, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Office 365, and G Suite.
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