2019 STG Hosting iManage Seminar in China | How iManage Help Firms To Do Digital Transform

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2019 STG Hosting iManage Seminar in China | How iManage Help Firms To Do Digital Transform

Shanghai, Beijing, China, April 17 and 19, 2019

In all organizations that provide customized, knowledge-based services to customers, “Technology” continues to play a larger and more advanced role. This means that law firms, accounting firms, financial services companies, government agencies, and corporate legal departments all face the issues that are often described as “Digital Transformation Challenges,” and traditional solutions are not enough to influence the changes needed. STG and iManage jointly organized a “Technology and Law Firm Digitalization” legal technology seminar on this topic to discuss important updates to the iManage solution portfolio. It is designed to help professionals securely access, share and use information and achieve a “smarter, safer, more efficient” way of working.
This seminar was started by STG CEO - Steven Wang. Introduce the partnership between STG and iManage and review the activities of previous years. It is pointed out that STG Professional Services has continuously optimized from planning to implementation and has become more and more close to iManage, making STG a major driver of iManage in China.
Pictured: Gavin Gao, Director of Professional Services of STG, accepting praise
iManage Senior Director - Barbara Stein describes iManage's three years from HP independence to the present, as well as significant changes in iManage product and customer base. This includes how iManage responds to industry changes and technical challenges, and iManage continues to invest in a larger vision to expand customer benefits while vigilantly reducing costs to improve the user experience, improve ownership experience, optimize security and use artificial intelligence to create people. Machine partnership to strengthen the business of today's professional services companies.
Pictured: Barbara Stein, Senior Director of iManage
iManage Managing Director - Sanjay Shah shares how iManage has become a technological partner for enterprises and law firms. In view of the digital transformation, this paper focuses on five stages of plans and examples. As a pioneer in legal science and technology, iManage has already planned for the challenges that legal professionals may encounter.
Pictured:Sanjay Shah, Managing Director, Asia of iManage
iManage Principal Sales Consultant - Luke Creswick introduced the use of Mantis to increase user adoption for iManage Work, which in turn wins end users and IT, such as keeping users up to date with the latest features and ongoing fixes, as well as desktop-side sync and offline applications. It also introduces the latest major release of iManage Work, which not only accelerates user adoption and lowers total cost of ownership tools, but also enhances IT agility, using a single console to manage product applications across iManage Work.
Pictured:Luke Creswick, Principal Sales Consultant of iManage
The localized Chinese interface is demonstrated by STG Senior Consultant - Mars Xiang. Its rich interface for advanced users who work on multiple jobs, as well as simple desktop type operations, will enable users to organize files faster.
Pictured:Mars Xiang, Senior Consultant of STG
iManage Work is case-centric and helps teams collaborate more efficiently, manage documents, preserve and enforce compliance. iManage Work enables companies to evaluate document/mail management products and provide a competitive advantage for lawyers.
Pictured: Mars Demo iManage Work Chinese interface
Mars also introduced iManage Drive, which allows professionals to manage documents in iManage Work as easily as managing hard drives. iManage Drive, like Windows Explorer and Mac Finder, allows users to easily and quickly access secure iManage repositories and perform complex file operations in a familiar environment - while still maintaining document security.
Next, iManage Solution Engineer - Satish Navaraj actually demonstrated the high-performance collaboration and mobile convenience of iManage Work. In particular, the mobile side's advancements in the Apple family of products not only optimize the user experience on the Mac, but also use the iPad to archive and annotate emails anytime, anywhere.
Pictured:Satish Navaraj, Principal Solution Engineer of iManage
After the coffee break, STG Marketing Manager - Tori Lin introduced Matteroom's case management system integration with iManage Work, and Matteroom's three new highlights: the new version of Matteroom Butler, Matteroom mobile app, and the first appearance of Matteroom Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Pictured:Tori Lin, Marketing Manager of STG
In the new version of Matteroom Butler, not only allows users to quickly create new cases and customers in iManage Work, it brings together industry-leading solutions in the form of Office plug-ins, such as the MetaSOTA  intelligence translation and Matteroom Compare document comparison tool. Because STG is also like iManage Platform, it is committed to providing customers with a complete legal technology ecosystem in vertical solutions.
Watch Matteroom Butler video
Matteroom Mobile APP:
Matteroom's product team has been working on how to provide a better experience for our customers, so the Matteroom case management system is synced to the mobile side. The live demonstration of the use of mobile phone timing (Clocking), not interrupted by cross-device use, and convenient cost management, allowing lawyers to use the fragmentation time in daily, not limited by time and place.
Matteroom CRM Customer Relationship Management:
The Matteroom CRM product team learned about the uniqueness of the law firm after researching the BD team at the law firm and launched a CRM system tailored to the law firm. CRM systems in the market are usually process-centric, but Matteroom CRM is customer-centric, targeting in a more precise way to target ethnic groups and ultimately improving ROI.
In the second half, Luke defends against today's security threats: harnessing security, reducing risk and governance in complex compliance environments, explaining how to use iManage Threat Manager threat management for threat detection, taking action on alerts, and predicting employee turnover . And use iManage Security Policy Manager security policy management to achieve policy exemptions, legal retention, and security and barriers that need to be known to extend security policy management for managers.
Pictured:Luke Creswick, Principal Sales Consultant of iManage,talks about iManage Threat Manager threat management
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Then, in the practical application agenda of Human-Machine Partnership - Artificial Intelligence, Luke talks about the practical application of the iManage RAVN solution, including how to use artificial intelligence to search for knowledge management that cannot be achieved by traditional search. RAVN can be carefully customized and deployed according to the actual needs of users, so as to better meet the law firm's management requirements for enterprise information data.
STG Consultant - Frank Liu demonstrated iManage Insight's analysis and utilization of documents, big data information collection, automatic document analysis and categorization, collection of public announcement information, and intelligent full-text search and recommendation.
Pictured:Frank Liu, Consultant of STG
The picture shows: The iManage Insight Knowledge Graph visualizes, explores, and searches through established links to visualize the people, companies, and other cases associated with the case.
Among them, the Konqis Semantic Analysis product developed by STG is seamless integration of RAVN, which provides powerful automatic marking and classification functions through supervised learning training. The RAVN team expresses its hope that the cooperation with STG team in Chinese language processing will be greatly strengthened, and the ability of RAVN to recognize and understand Chinese documents will be enhanced together. Moreover, Matteroom's CFS (Connector Framework System) product realizes iManage Insight real-time acquisition of Matteroom law firm management data, analysis and presentation of the whole big data application to help the law firm's management to achieve all-round evaluation and rapid decision-making based on experts, teams, cases and other experts from the perspective of Practice Management.
Pictured: iManage Insight and STG Konqis integrated application Chinese interface
At the end of the morning agenda, Sanjay shared with the audience the iManage's strategic response to today's market changes and presented a roadmap for the future, so stay tuned for iManage's future.
This seminar is also the first time to invite Workshare to participate in the grand event. The afternoon agenda is shared with us by Workshare General Manager, APAC - Shaun Locke and Partner Manager - Ryan Reyes - the legal technology trends to be understood: Efficient Productivity and Data Security.
Left:Ryan Reyes, Partner Manager of Workshare;Right:Shaun Locke, General Manager, APAC of Workshare
Workshare has developed an understanding of metadata to create data loss monitoring solutions specifically for the legal industry. The company's IT and risk capabilities protect files shared across the business and use this data to understand whether data loss events or violations of ethical walls are likely to occur.
Pictured:Shaun Locke, General Manager, APAC of Workshare
Use Workshare Protect to instantly clean up metadata documents. The solution is ultra-fast and can wipe files shared via email or DMS in less than a second - files from desktop or mobile devices.
On the agenda, Workspace Compare is also demonstrated to integrate with other leading solutions in the industry. Take two documents and run a comparison using Workshare Compare, then quickly and accurately see the differences.
Pictured:Ryan Reyes, Partner Manager of Workshare
Working with vendors such as iManage, Microsoft, Google, HighQ, we embed Workshare's comparative technology into other document creation and management platforms.
  • For users, no need to log in again, no longer have to waste time switching between applications
  • For IT, no need to download and install, everything runs in the browser, the solution works on a Mac or PC
Finally, the collaboration between Workshare Secure and iManage Govern is described, enabling both users to achieve a higher level of security and compliance standards through two-way collaboration between products.
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iManage has long been the gold standard for the legal document management system in the legal industry – today 75% of the world's top 100 law firms and over 3,000 law firms, corporate legal departments and professional services organizations around the world. As a management consulting firm, iManage provides customers with the best enterprise-class big data solutions. iManage Work 10 leverages AI, machine learning, and big data analytics to predict user demand based on historical data to reduce traditional work friction points to increase user productivity and showcase many amazing features.
Matteroom is a case management solution designed for lawyers and legal partners tailored to the law firm. All information is case-centric, including Lichong search, case management, project management, expense management, including timing management and fees, KPIs, etc. Matteroom connects to industry-leading systems including iManage, Workshare, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Office 365, and G Suite.
Workshare is the leading provider of enterprise file security sharing and collaboration applications. Workshare enables individual users to easily create, share, and manage high-value content from any device, anywhere. Workshare increases the efficiency of the collaboration process and helps content owners accurately track and compare revisions made by participants. Workshare also reduces the business risk of inadvertent sharing of confidential or sensitive files.
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