The latest version of Workshare is officially released - Workshare Professional 10

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The latest version of Workshare is officially released - Workshare Professional 10

The fastest and most accurate document comparison and metadata removal solution ever
The newly released Workshare Professional 10 provides a broader core value of Workshare, allowing you to compare everything you want to compare, anytime, anywhere. Enables professionals to easily understand the changes between two Excel workbooks, adding the best Word, PDF, and PowerPoint comparison solutions available in earlier versions. And optimize the file experience directly from Outlook.

In addition to benefiting users, performance improvements can significantly reduce memory consumption on the desktop, so Workshare can consume less resources and load faster. This is especially important for metadata cleanup that runs as an Outlook plugin. Faster loading times and fewer opportunities for conflicts.
Workshare Professional 10 is specifically designed to make it easy for users to compare for user engagement and review. The benefits that customers can get from the latest version are new features and major improvements to provide smarter software for more efficient professionals:
  • New features: Compare the functionality of Excel workbooks and individual worksheets
  • Improvement: Experience a simplified and better way to compare files directly from Outlook
  • Update: Comparing Word and PDF files is getting better
  • Integration: Learn what our main system integration with our document comparison solution
  • Security: Share files with carefree, using market-leading metadata removal solutions
Workshare Compare
  • Compare Excel Workbooks: This new feature complements Workshare's drivers to meet all of the comparison requirements for all document formats (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
  • Compare email attachments directly in Outlook: This reliable, powerful feature allows users to use PowerPoint and Excel files in addition to Word and PDF files. Available in Outlook's reading pane and email pop-ups, users can choose to redefine entire files or text segments using the full comparison or selective comparison options.
  • Word and PDF are optimized: The new patent "Advanced Table" comparison technology allows users to accurately track all changes in Word and PDF tables.
  • Color-coded highlights of "direct" and "indirect" changes: direct changes are the location where the user changes the cell (eg the formula for the updated cell); indirect change is the location where Excel changes the cell (eg automatically after inserting the row Update the formula). A description of the color difference can be viewed from the legend.
Workshare Secure
  • The fastest metadata removal solution on the market: ensuring that users don't inadvertently leak information outside the company, while ensuring that users continue to work at high speeds.
  • Available in the cloud: Workshare Professional 10 is also integrated into Workshare's cloud solution, ensuring that files are shared with other parties in a secure, reliable and controlled manner.
  • An improved "non-inductive" licensing system eliminates user disruptions and simplifies administrator deployment: no need to uninstall previous versions of Workshare Professional; run the installation on top of the current deployment.
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Workshare is the leading provider of enterprise file security sharing and collaboration applications. Workshare enables individual users to easily create, share, and manage high-value content from any device, anywhere. Workshare improves the efficiency of the collaboration process and helps content owners accurately track and compare revisions made by participants. Workshare also reduces the business risk of inadvertent sharing of confidential or sensitive files.
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