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Legal transactions can involve hundreds or even thousands of documents, and traditional transaction management is time consuming and arduous for law firms, lawyers, and clients. However, the Workshare team worked with Clifford Chance lawyers to closely observe how legal professionals work and propose a new solution for transaction management - Workshare Transact - to help lawyers trade efficiently and efficiently, dramatically simplifying the cumbersome transaction process.

What makes Workshare Transact unique is that it ensures the structure and organization of all legitimate transactions from start to finish. The status of the transaction is clear to all parties and greatly reduces the need to search for documents. The end of the transaction is also very simple, because there is an ordered collection of signed pages, and the integration can be done automatically on the same day.

Ben Ridgway, Transact Product Manager and former Clifford Chance lawyer
Workshare Transact is a new way to manage transactions online through a centralized workspace for storing and viewing all documents. In other words, the attorney can create an online workspace based on the list of documents for the transaction, which provides a structured repository of versions and other documents for the work team throughout the transaction and runs in an innovative manner until the end of the transaction.
Simply import your checklist into a template, import it into the trading and getting started document, anchor and organize the signature page and schedule in a list so that you and other stakeholders can secure access to the latest files.The Workshare Compare feature is also built into Transact and you can compare between versions.
Workshare has developed the「Compare」feature that is best suited for modern lawyers.Workshare uses today's fastest engine and compares its technology to all products on the market, ensuring that WorkShare's technology is the fastest and most open. Most importantly, Workshare also released a series of enhancement engines. In other words, Workshare can not only compare documents, but even compare more complex scenarios.
Simplify tedious transaction management into seven steps with Workshare Transact
1. The first law firm (such as an agent buyer) sets up a workspace and creates a list of documents in Transact
  • The transaction process is far away from the inbox, reducing email traffic
2. Invite the other company and (if you wish) the customer organization to join the workspace
  • All parties can immediately find any circulation version and make sure it is the latest version
3. As the transaction progresses, status comments and tags are added to each checklist item
  • Transaction participants can log in to track the status of individual listings or entire transactions
4. The draft version and other files are visually added to the list by the participants.

5. Automatically generate Workshare Compare between versions

6. At the end of the transaction, Transact collects and tracks the signed agreement, signature page and schedule, and forms a PDF file.
  • Since Transact clearly tracks all signed agreements and signature pages, the risk is mitigated at the end
7. After the transaction, Transact's built-in tools quickly and easily integrate all the required documents and create an index.
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Credit: Workshare
STG is the exclusive agent of Workshare in China. WorkShare and STG have launched professional localization technical support to respond instantly and solve problems encountered by users, bring comprehensive services to the law firm and improve user productivity.

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