Thompson & Knight uses iManage Threat Management and Security Policy Management to protect against internal and external risks

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Thompson & Knight LLP, one of the world's most watched energy law firms, selected iManage to provide powerful security applications such as iManage Threat Management (TM) and iManage Secure Policy Manager (SPM) for comprehensive Protect company and key client information.
John Barney, Chief Information Officer, Thompson & Knight, said: “We will continue to make strategic investments in technologies that further protect customer data. Adding iManage's most advanced security applications is very valuable to us in this work. We have relied heavily on iManage Work. For document management, iManage's Security Policy Management (SPM) and Threat Management (TM) now provide the functionality that our customers and internal risk and compliance teams need without compromising the productivity of lawyers. All of these features from a single vendor The combination is a huge advantage.“
iManage Threat Management (TM) - Leveraging machine learning to improve threat detection - Now add AI to more accurately detect "crush and capture" threat patterns. Characterized by unusually high-intensity activities in a short period of time, shredding and crawling attacks are common threat patterns that can result in large amounts of data loss. In addition, the new end-user analysis identifies areas of non-compliance that can then be used as a remediation goal.
The following are real threat cases that iManage Threat Management (TM) helps customers detect:
  • Detected multiple lawyers who have been resigned to try to obtain sensitive information
  • There are multiple employees accessing cases outside their domain
  • Secretary sends documents to resigned lawyers
  • Predicting a group of lawyers ready to leave
  • Supervise a group of partners who have been resigned
  • Found that the user did not report the normal use of the document according to the practice
  • A disgruntled employee is deleting files
iManage Threat Management uses state-of-the-art machine learning to understand the unique context of professional operations for the highest value data: practice areas, customers and projects. For example, access without time charges, or access to expertise outside the case.
iManage Threat Management provides round-the-clock threat protection that can be detected and removed immediately when a threat occurs.
iManage Security Policy Management (SPM)- As a product that delivers the Ethical Walls, it can keep the favorable users away from the relevant content and realize the law office which can't be registered because of the interest. It can use document access authority and billing activity to automatically exclude the user's opposite project, so that the law firm can simultaneously connect the customer and the opposite.This makes it easy for law firms to join new clients while also fulfilling their moral responsibilities.The new version also improves data security by automatically deleting inactive users, allowing firms to strictly control who can access highly sensitive content.
The large-scale management of the ethical wall does not inconvenience or hinder the work of modern professionals. Instead, iManage Security Policy Management provides an extensible way. It integrates seamlessly with iManage Work, manages iManage Work, file sharing, and integrates with other third-party case systems to protect content in iManage and non-iManage repositories, open only to authorized people and customer-centric The design improves customer safety and provides large-scale security requirements and ethics.
iManage takes a radically different approach to assessing and calculating these barriers, enabling law firms to apply security policies without the limitations and overhead of traditional methods. In this way, security policy management significantly reduces the burden on the insider and system management customers and the ethical wall security of the law firm - providing better management for more and more complex security policies.
Easily respond to growing customer needs and limit the need to know about policy project visits to the team that is working.
iManage not only has a second-to-none share in the global legal software system market, but also continuously develops new products and continuously enhances technology to meet the needs of all parties in the law firm, making it more sophisticated and comprehensive, leading to rich and powerful products and solutions. Program. iManage Security Policy Management and iManage Threat Management integrate seamlessly with iManage Work to provide companies with comprehensive capabilities for rapid implementation and increased IT agility. These products enable Thompson & Knight to accelerate their data loss prevention programs by adopting a comprehensive approach to defining and managing strategies to protect sensitive information at all levels, helping the law firm minimize potential damage from common threats without affecting Professional work efficiency. This impeccable security approach allows companies to work safer, smarter, and enhance the ability of law firms to protect their customers' data.

iManage has long been the gold standard for legal document management systems in the legal industry–today 75% of the world's top 100 law firms and more than 3,000 law firms, corporate legal departments and professional services organizations around the world. As a management consulting firm, iManage provides customers with the best enterprise-class big data solutions. iManage Work 10 leverages AI, machine learning, and big data analytics to predict user demand based on historical data to reduce traditional work friction points to increase user productivity and showcase many amazing features.

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