2018 STG Hosting iManage Seminar in China | Threat Management Importance and RAVN Application

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STG and iManage Host 2018 Legal Science Seminar Successfully Ended | Threat Management Importance and RAVN Application

Shanghai, Beijing, China, April 17 and 19, 2018
由The landscape of information management is constantly changing due to innovative technologies, emerging security threats, and increased customer and regulatory requirements. “Reducing costs and improving efficiency” is not only a common goal in the field, but also an interest in the practical application of AI. STG and iManage jointly organized a “RAVN Attack | International Top AI Landing Beijing and Shanghai” legal technology seminar on this topic to discuss important updates of the iManage solution portfolio. It is designed to help professionals safely use, share, and use information anytime, anywhere, and to achieve a "smarter, safer, more efficient" way of working.
This seminar was started by STG Founding Partner Steven Wang. Introduce the partnership between STG and iManage, review the activities of previous years, and point out the importance of Threat Manager for the security of lawyers' job information, and bring iManage Insight to take enterprise search and knowledge management to a new level.

右图:iManage Control Center
Barbara Stein, Senior Director, iManage, introduced some of the iManage customers from HP's independence two years ago, as well as major updates and accumulations of iManage. This includes how iManage responds to industry changes and technical challenges, as well as the acquisition of RAVN companies to enhance iManage AI search and other relevant information.
Top: iManage part of Chinese customers; Bottom: iManage part of global customers
Luman Creswick, iManage Lead Solutions Consultant in addition to tools that accelerate user adoption and lower total cost, balancing productivity (co-creation, file sharing, mobile access, simple collaboration) and security governance is critical to professional services companies. Luke also actually demonstrated the high-performance collaboration and mobile convenience of iManage Work 10.。
Left: iManage mobile features and features; Right: iManage enhances iOS 11 mobile features - notes documentation and works effortlessly offline
And the STG Consultant Mars Xiang demonstrated the localized Chinese interface and simulated the situational needs and solutions for a lawyer at work.
Top: iManage integrates Chinese interface presentation with MS Word; Bottom: iManage integrates Chinese interface presentation with Outlook
This seminar was also the first public appearance of Matteroom 2.0. STG Matteroom Product Manager Laura Chen not only introduced the enhanced collaboration between Matteroom 2.0 and iManage Work, but also demonstrated many of the powerful features of Matteroom 2.0, including case review, customer/party management, credit search, billing, timesheets, and KPIs. . Let VIPs witness the birth of a revolutionary case management solution using Matteroom, Every day is Holiday.

Figure: Matteroom 2.0 - Conflict of Interest Process Tree
Figure:Matteroom 2.0 - KPI
The first half of the conference focused on major updates to iManage Work 10.1. In the second half of the conference, Luke defended against today's security threats: responding to new security threats and changing the information protection requirements of customers and regulations, explaining how to use advanced machine learning and AI for threat detection, and the security that managers need to know. Moral wall.
Left: Shanghai Field on April 17; Right: Beijing Field on April 19
iManage Threat Management is an advanced solution to meet the needs of CIOs, CSOs and compliance personnel to protect sensitive data.Using the historical and contextual information in the iManage system, iManage Threat Management can identify external and internal threats more quickly and avoid the trap of false positives and other methods.iManage Threat Management provides threat detection, monitoring, investigation, alerting and reporting capabilities to protect sensitive information in iManage all day long on any device at any time and at any time.
Figure: iManage Threat Management - Threat Detection and Risk Mitigation: Internal and external bad actors.
iManage Threat Management Applications state-of-the-art machine learning for the highest value data to understand the unique context of professional operations - practice areas, customers and projects. For example, access without time charges, or access to expertise outside the case. Provides continuous threat protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be discovered and removed as soon as a threat occurs.
Figure: How iManage Threat Management works
And Shaw Liu, an engineer at STG RAVN, demonstrated RAVN Insight's analysis and utilization of documents, collection of big data information, automatic analysis and categorization of documents, collection of public announcement information on the Internet, and intelligent full-text search and recommendation. RAVN can be carefully customized and deployed according to the actual needs of users, so as to better meet the law firm's management requirements for enterprise information data.
Top: RAVN Insight - iManage Document Knowledge Base; Bottom: RAVN Insight - iManage Case Knowledge Base
At the end of the April 17th Shanghai agenda, STG invited Bin Zhao, a senior partner of Dacheng Law Firm, and Josh Shi, a partner of Fangda Law Firm, to conduct a Panel Interview for us.
Left 2: Bin Zhao, Senior Partner of Dacheng Law Firm; Zuo 3: Partner of Fangda Law Firm Josh Shi
Question:Although Dacheng Law Firm has used iManage in many offices around the world, Shanghai is the first Chinese office to use iManage. How do you view the relationship between IT construction and law firm development?Anaswer:At present, many major organizations in the world have established chief knowledge officers to promote the knowledge management of law firms and quickly transform them into the competitiveness of the firm. But without a centralized document management system, it is difficult for a clever woman to be without a meter. So the first point is to effectively retain the digital assets of the firm. By using the iManage document management system, we can sort out the knowledge of strategic guidance and business integration, and become the data source of knowledge management while achieving effective collaboration and compliance, so as to achieve the real application of knowledge management. 
Figure: Bin Zhao, Senior Partner of Dacheng Law Firm
Question:As a recognized pioneer in the high-tech field of the Chinese legal industry, how does Fangda continue to play this role?
Answer:The firm pays special attention to information technology. We have invested heavily in information technology to support our business. iManage Work 10 has launched a simple interface, detailed audit tracking charts, and any device that adapts to any system. It has strengthened the decision-making level to reform and upgrade the information system, and maintains Fangda's comprehensive competitiveness on the domestic and international stage.
Figure: Partner of Fangda Law Firm Josh Shi
Both partners said that only after the important knowledge and documents and emails of the law firm are properly preserved, can they make good use of big data, natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology in the construction of the subsequent knowledge base. To greatly improve the effectiveness of the most critical Legal Research in the work of lawyers, and improve the quality of service.

iManage's roadmap drives industry growth through risk management, meaningful data analysis, and a combination of machine learning and AI technology. It solves the basic challenges and changes, optimizes investment in innovation, and creates maximum value for customers.
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