The Best Conflict of Interest System for “Red Circle”

Things You'd Like To Know

Traditional conflict of Interest Way

Low efficiency – get stuck – The case is turned over…

According to the survey, it usually takes several days to process by using traditional conflict of interest search. It took a lot of time to continually track and remind, eventually cause to delay in case filling.

Matteroom Conflict of Interest System

Accurately– Perfectly eliminate risks

Use Matteroom to complete the conflict of interest search and case filling through process management. Even though there is a conflict of interest, the auditor can still operate one-click-approval through the mobile terminal. Moreover, the applicant can be notified at the first time, and the system also supports the submission of the solution process.

High risk– Non-reliable searching results?

Traditional conflict of interest can only access to single and structured data, but it cannot accurately retrieve completed information, or easy to cause judgment errors with high risks.

Accurately– Perfectly eliminate risks

Matteroom is able to narrow down the search results and provide different consequences through its enterprise search engine and unique filters.

Scattered – where did it go?…

Without systematically managing conflict of interest, it’s not only increasing labor costs, but also decreasing the efficiencies. After the conflict of interest application, it’s unable to grasp the latest news immediately, and it also delays in case filling.

Easy to track – monitor the progress of the conflict of interest

Matteroom has a strong process management capability to track approval status. After the conflict of interest application, Matteroom will streamline the conflict of interest and automatically generate an approval form in addition to the process, so that the approval status is clear to show. Applicants and administrators can visually see the progress of the review and understand the status of the conflict of interest in real time.

Instant – approve and audit the news anytime anywhere

Matteroom’s flexible configurations also bring great convenience, including emails, App messages with different variety of conflicts to automatically remind users, and support setting timeout approval to ensure the timeliness of the case. In particular, support for mobile device viewing and one-click approval allows lawyers to take advantage of fragmented time to quickly work anywhere, anytime.

High compatibility – support all matter systems

Matteroom engine supports all matter systems and could connect to any matter systems, this implementation could be completed within a week. You can reach to the standard of the red circle immediately.

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