Good still better! STG assists Fangda to upgrade iManage 10.0 to increase active users to 85%

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Since mid-2016, Fangda Law Firm has signed a service agreement with STG to use iManage Work for nearly two years. From the 9.0 version at the time, STG tailored the development plan for the information document management platform for Fangda. Today, Fangda is pursuing a higher level of information technology in response to the growing market development and customer needs to provide customers with higher quality professional services. Therefore, STG started the upgrade plan of iManage Work 10.0 to help Fangda take the work efficiency to the next level.
iManage Work 10.0 not only focuses on the user experience on different devices, users can easily and offlinely edit anytime, anywhere, and the smart work list automatically tracks and presents all recent updates, changes and changes in customers, cases, documents and emails. Benefit users to improve work efficiency. In risk management, case-centric, use the most secure AES encryption method to collaborate to provide better services for users while reducing enterprise risks.
STG invested a lot of time in the initial research of user needs, and the partners participated in and confirmed repeatedly, which made it successful for Fangda to develop the best adoption strategy. Finally, it made the company a pioneer in the industry and took the lead in upgrading iManage Work to the latest version 10.0.
And STG has planned dozens of field training courses for Fangda, which not only eliminates the need for remote tutorials, but also facilitates and communicates in communication and communication. At the same time, in the Floor Support and training weeks after the launch, STG proposed solutions to the common pain points of partners and demonstrated the best way to improve performance. Among them, Fangda's senior partners participated in the whole process, and the participation rate was strictly managed. The acceptance of active users was greatly increased to 85%, which further doubling the annual average data volume, laying a solid foundation for further knowledge management.

This case demonstrates that iManage Work 10.0 brings strong data growth rates to partners, and STG and Fangda work closely together to make Fangda icing on the cake and achieving better results.
“ The implementation of local implementation services by STG (China) rather than overseas teams has greatly improved the tightness of communication and achieved good results never seen before. The combination of the user experience of the new v10 server itself and the participation of local project implementation teams. Significantly increased user satisfaction. At the same time, STG has provided us with a lot of training, and we also require everyone to participate, precisely because of the close team effort with STG to ensure a satisfactory implementation.“
- Fangda Josh Shin
About Fangda: Fangda is one of the earliest partnership law firms in China. It is known for providing international and domestic clients with a variety of business services in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, intellectual property and dispute resolution.
In China Law and Practice China's best merger law firm, Chambers Asia Investment Fund China ranked first in the rankings and other awards, and is recognized as a leading law firm in the commercial field.

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