Big News! Fangda Partners Chose Matteroom

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China, Shanghai, June 30, 2017, Fangda selected MATTEROOM after detailed competitive analysis

STG is proud to announce that Fangda Partners has chosen Matteroom as its business management platform. As a full-fledged intellectual property product, Matteroom pays great attention to the user experience (UX), bringing a new “case-centric” working model to the law-abiding lawyers. Matteroom’s Practice Management and Conflict Research System provide powerful workflow and automation capabilities through the easy-to-expand big data back-end to help Fangda effectively manage information and business around the matter. The entire platform is driven by an enterprise-level search engine that provides a better user experience for the firm to more intelligently locate and manage knowledge and digital assets.

Fangda Partners has offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and has been using the industry-leading document management system, iManage Work. STG is the general agent of iManage in China. Since 2012, STG has been committed to providing localized professional services and technical support to iManage customers in China. STG is praised by customers as a forward-looking information consulting company in the Chinese legal industry. It has been reported twice by China Daily and shared with readers in the field of legal information and some predictions of industry trends. It has been hailed as a value-added partner by the management of many large or famous law firms.

Matteroom, KPI

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After a prudent solution, Matteroom will replace a UK practice management solution that will ensure a good user experience and satisfaction to help Fonda improve its productivity and reduce compliance risks, thereby improving at least double intrerests of law firms and customers.

Fangda’s choice of Matteroom also needs to be attributed to the brainstorming meeting of the top management of both parties, and STG best practices at home and abroad and Fangda’s unique work habits and processes can be combined to meet the future of the law firm. Strategic needs. Matteroom’s iManage connector component seamlessly integrates with iManage, sharing all data and embedding sophisticated user rights management. Matteroom also provides a powerful REST API interface that can be easily integrated with other systems to provide a fully customized solution to meet the company’s end-to-end management needs.

Matteroom is an enterprise-level software that supports a high degree of configuration. In addition to Thomson Reuters’ 3E, the current case management software of Chinese law firms faces low configuration and outdated kernels. In order to meet diverse professional needs, a large number of personnel are required to develop. (It usually takes more than 6 months), although the software license is cheap, but with the time of assistance and participation of lawyers, partners, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is very high, and there is no clear Road Map for such products. Any new requirements need to be redeveloped and there will be more defects to be repaired after going online, once again making the TCO uncontrollable, and after a few years, it will become a chicken. There are also some law firms who choose to find outsourcing teams to develop themselves. It is not known that closed-door vehicles bring uncontrollable continuous investment, including the time and money of lawyers. The so-called professional people do professional things, many law firms in the first edition after the launch, found that the failure to manage software development cycle, iteration, project management, personnel flow and other problems become their nightmare. The most terrible is the release of new technology standards, the old operating system and the framework of the shelves, all kinds of problems in addition to professional software companies, any law firm IT may be unpredictable and in control. Matteroom is built entirely in accordance with US enterprise software. The team includes US big data experts with 15 years of experience, 12 years of project director of overseas product management experience, and UX of top Italian design school. It is composed of former SAP and HP engineers. The young R&D team ensures that Matteroom is highly configurable and scalable, and follows international common technical standa

“In case management and review, Matteroom is based on a powerful search engine, a simple and practical adaptive interface, as well as STG team professional advice and in-depth understanding of the law firm’s user habits, so that our decision-making team made a joint effort and decision.”

— Fangda IT Team & Partners (2017.6)

Fangda is one of the earliest partnership law firms in China. Provide a variety of business services to international and domestic customers. Known for its strengths in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, intellectual property and dispute resolution.

In 2016, including Asia law Asia-Pacific China’s best law firm dispute resolution award, ALB China’s top ten lawyers, China Law and Practice China’s best merger law firm, Chambers Asia investment fund China ranked first level and other awards Enumeration, recognized as a leading law firm in the business world.